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“The Olive Harvest EVOO is unfiltered, thick, complex, sweet yet with slight peppery notes at the end. So delighted for a great harvest this year. - DH"

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Majd F. ★★★★★

The best out there, the olive oil is very pristine, and of quality.

Thank you Chafic for all your hardwork

Robert S Z. ★★★★★

Olive Harvest olive oils are robust with tastes of fresh greens, a peppery bite and a beautiful green color. These olive oils are cold pressed, both filtered (Orontes label) and unfiltered (Olive Harvest and Maalouf Authentic.) Due to their rich flavor and aroma, they are superb for dipping, drizzling or cooking and sautéing. Chafic Maalouf, the owner makes and imports these EVOO brands. He travels to his groves in Lebanon several times each year to ensure that the olives are picked, pressed and bottled to his exacting standards. I am devoted to these olive oils as are many of the top restaurants in New England.

Matthew C. ★★★★★

“I grew up in a family where olive oil was in everything. This is one of my favorite ones (Olive Harvest EVOO) that I have ever had.”

Debs W. ★★★★★

The best olive oil I've ever had!

The Yacoub Maalouf family has been growing and milling olives in this region since 1959, producing some of the region’s most superior, naturally made olive oils.