The Maalouf line of products is a special edition offered by Olive Harvest.

Unique in so many ways, it’s comprised of the following items:

Extra virgin olive oil, black olive tapenade, pomegranate molasses, rose water, quince preserve, Za’tar, and olive oil soap.

These 7 items have many things in common:

1. Grown on Maalouf estates in Koura.

This is especially important because we are the growers of those crops that make the products. When we grow our own crops, we are in full control of all stages; from deciding on what varieties to use, to putting the seedling in the ground, all the way to harvesting the crop. Only natural and biodynamic cultural practices are followed in growing those crops.


2. Made using traditional methods and authentic recipes.

One of our goals is preserving tradition and heritage through the products that we offer. The Maalouf line of products captures all those methods and recipes that have existed and sustained families through thousands of years. Just imagine that the bottle of Maalouf olive oil you’re about to crack is going to smell and taste the same as it did to a Levantine villager 1000 years ago, or that bar of olive oil soap smelling and feeling the same to that ancient person.

 3. Fare trade practices.

We pay more than the average prices for goods and services related to all aspects of growing and production. Another important goal we have is to help those who run this industry so they can continue offering the goodness they offer and preserve this trade for many generations to come.


4. Available in limited quantities.

The Maalouf line of products is a small production That’s produced once a year right after harvest. Once we sell out, we sell out until the next season.